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Episode-71 [24-Sept-2017] – Grand Final & Conclusion – HD Videos
Part1 || Part2
Episode-70 [23-Sept-2017]
Episode-69 [22-Sept-2017]
Episode-68 [21-Sept-2017]
Episode-67 [20-Sept-2017]
Episode-66 [19-Sept-2017]
Episode-65 [18-Sept-2017]
Episode-64 [17-Sept-2017]
Episode-63 [16-Sept-2017]
Episode-62 [15-Sept-2017]
Episode-61 [14-Sept-2017]
Episode-60 [13-Sept-2017]
Episode-59 [12-Sept-2017]
Episode-58 [11-Sept-2017]
Episode-57 [10-Sept-2017]
Episode-56 || A Tricky Elimination [09-Sept-2017]
Episode-55 || Time for Appraisals [08-Sept-2017]
Episode-54 || Allari Naresh Visits the House [07-Sept-2017]
Episode-53 || Let’s Get Back to School Life [06-Sept-2017]
Episode-52 || Adarsh, Prince Lock Horns [05-Sept-2017]
Episode-51 || Ghost in Bigg Boss House? [04-Sept-2017]
Episode-50 || Who Will Exit The Show? [03-Sept-2017]
Episode-49 || Suma Visits The House [02-Sept-2017]
Episode-48 || Mumaith’s Birthday Celebrations [01-Sept-2017]
Episode-47 || Balloon War for Captaincy [31-Aug-2017]
Episode-46 || The Hilarious Hari Katha [30-Aug-2017]
Episode-45 || Culture Fest In The House [29-Aug-2017]
Episode-44 || Mumaith Turns Rogue [28-Aug-2017]
Episode-43 || Second Eviction Of The Week [27-Aug-2017]
Episode-42 || Double Danger [26-Aug-2017]
Episode-41 || Lord Ganesha In the House [25-Aug-2017]
Episode-40 || Archana Does A Pole Dance! [24-Aug-2017]
Episode-39 || Mumaith Is Back! [23-Aug-2017]
Episode-38 || New Task For Mumaith [22-Aug-2017]
Episode-37 || Surprising Evictions [21-Aug-2017]
Episode-36 || Twists And Turns For Mumaith [20-Aug-2017]
Episode-35 || Dhanraj’s Hilarious Mimicry  [19-Aug-2017]
Episode-34 || The Going Gets Tough [18-Aug-2017]
Episode-33 || Taapsee Pannu In The House [17-Aug-2017]
Episode-32 || The Royal Luxury Budget Task [16-Aug-2017]
Episode-31 || Independence Day Celebrations! [15-Aug-2017]
Episode-30 || Navdeep Begins His Stay [14-Aug-2017]
Episode-29 || One In, One Out [13-Aug-2017]
Episode-28 || Bye Bye Mahesh Kathi [12-Aug-2017]
Episode-27 || Who Is The New Captain? [11-Aug-2017]
Episode-26 || Hello, Who’s This? [10-Aug-2017]
Episode-25 || Who Are The Worst Four? [09-Aug-2017]
Episode-24 || Shiva Balaji Insults Adarsh [08-Aug-2017]
Episode-23 || Kalpana Under Pressure? [07-Aug-2017]
Episode-22 || Rana Visits The Show [06-Aug-2017]
Episode-21 || Raksha Bandhan Celebration! [05-Aug-2017]
Episode-20 || Shut Up Mumaith Khan! [04-Aug-2017]
Episode-19 || Mumaith’s Moving Gesture [03-Aug-2017]
Episode-18 || Prince Kisses Diksha Panth!  [02-Aug-2017]
Episode-17 || Mumaith’s Never-ending Problems [01-Aug-2017]
Episode-16 || Safe Zone Nominations [31-July-2017]
Episode-15 || Wild Card Entry! [30-July-2017]
Episode-14 || Kalpana, The Villain Of The Show  [29-July-2017]
Episode-13 || Race Gurram Task [28-July-2017]
Episode-12 || Mumaith Khan Leaves! [27-July-2017]
Episode-11 || Who Are The Lucky Three? [26-July-2017]
Episode-10 || Sampoornesh Wants To Leave [25-July-2017]
Episode-09 || A Romantic Task! [24-July-2017]
Episode-08 || First Elimination! [23-July-2017]
Episode-07 || Elimination Or Celebration? [22-July-2017]
Episode-06 || No Smoking! [21-July-2017]
Episode-05 || Bigg Boss Takes Stringent Decisions [20-July-2017]
Episode-04 || A Secret Task For Sameer [19-July-2017]
Episode-03 || Aadarsh, Dhanraj’s Shocking Prank [18-July-2017]
Episode-02 || New Captain, New Drama [17-July-2017]
Episode-01 || Jr. NTR Welcomes The Contestants [16-July-2017]
Host: Jr. NTR

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