Videomasti Users,

Thank you all for the continued support over the years. We are re-enabling chatter box, which provided a good place for our users to chat, have fun and meet new people. Following are some of the guidelines to provide a good experience for all our users. Please co-operate and hope you will make Videomasti a fun place for all our viewers.


1. Do not use obscene language. Be courteous to others and maintain dignity.
2. You can reserve your login name so that nobody else can use it. Just type your name and then click on profile, enter the password and you have your own id.
3. If you think a movie is not working report to us at not in the chat box.
4. Beware of people who pose as administrator. Only Admin is the user name of the Administrator.
5. Do not post links to any other websites.
6. Please follow the rules or you will be banned.

June 7, 2015 | Leave a Comment


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